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2007-04-05 12:52 pm
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SADS: It's a way of life!

I went outside and got a hit of that spring air.  I wanted to jump the next person I saw.
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2007-04-04 09:07 am
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Today is my Dad's birthday!  Happy Birthday, Dad!
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2007-03-30 10:39 am

I Dig Chicks Kicking Ass

Promo pics for the improved Painkiller Jane started my day off on a good note!
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2007-03-29 09:11 am

People are bizarre

Or at least some of them are.  I mean, ostracism?  The hell?
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2007-03-21 08:23 pm
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How now?

Just finished Transamamerica.  Now, granted, I have yet to watch Walk the Line (which I purchased eons ago...typical), but as of right now I'm thinking that unless Reese Witherspoon gives my kitchen sink an orgasm, Felicity Huffman wuz robbed.  For real, yo.

Seriously, what's the deal with the lack of acclaim?  Were the guilds/academies defending themselves against the 'Issue Movie' criticism?  Perhaps Huffman was too good?
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2007-03-21 09:36 am
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It's not that difficult, really

And while I'm on the subject, compare:

penny pinching thief

heart stopping action

shape shifting hero

hog calling Hoosier

Bob chasing Buckeye

granola crunching, tree hugging, Birkenstock wearing commie

Daylight Saving Time

So there.

p.s. I don't like this font.
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2007-03-21 07:59 am
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DST isn't for the birds

I officially hate Daylight Saving Time. It's just wrong, wrong, wrong.

And has anyone noticed that we spend longer in DST than we do in 'standard' time? The folks who made up these various labels were stupid dumb-dumbs.
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2007-03-18 04:26 pm
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Ain't No Sunshine Since He's Gone

O Where O where has my little Bob gone?

O Where O where could he beeeeeee?

Come back to me, Bob! I promise never to abuse you again!
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2007-03-18 07:38 am
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Madness Edge

02:15. Woke to vision of German Shephard standing next to bed watching me. It was one of those mostly black, wolfy, friend-of-serial-killer looking ones. Had its head hung low in that "I could go either way right now; choose your actions wisely" sort of posture. I blinked and he went away.

Had to go wee.

Then I tried to recall an evolutionary studies explanation for the function of losing control of one's excretory system when frightened. Does it show the possible aggressor that you're meek -- in hopes that said possible aggressor will take pity and go away? Does it signal your herdmates that danger is afoot?

I gripped the bedsheets and counted backward from 1 million until the urge to go look it up went away.

And now laundry.
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2007-03-16 09:49 am
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Man I love spring.

Yeah, so technically it's not spring for another 4 days and change, but fuckit, I'm sucking the joy while it lasts.
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2007-02-23 06:46 am

(no subject)

Yesterday I felt like putting a gun to my head. And pulling the trigger.

Today I don't feel much at all.